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Articles on Life in the cloud

Emails in the cloud: Office 365 Exchange Online migration checklist

Deciding to use Office 365 Exchange Online for your business emails is one thing. Moving mailboxes from your on-premises Exchange environment to Micro[...]

7 reasons why your law firm should move to the cloud

If you’re like most lawyers, referring to your work week as “busy” might be a gross understatement. With your workday scheduled and recorded by the mi[...]

Microsoft MyAnalytics Outlook add-on: Manage your time in Office 365

What can you accomplish in three hours at work?   Office 365 has just added a built-in tool that lets you track your productivity with the help of Mic[...]

Need to boost business productivity? Try working on the go

These days, you can access a business document virtually anywhere. Why not boost productivity and save time by giving your team the opportunity to cre[...]

Google’s G Suite vs. Microsoft’s Office 365: A comparison cheat sheet

The cloud productivity battle heats up. In 2007, Google launched its business productivity suite under the Google Apps Premier Edition brand. Later re[...]

9 great Outlook add-ins to increase productivity in Office 365

Read our refreshed and extended version of this article here. Outlook is a front-runner in the add-on department. If you can't do something in Outlook[...]

Key strategies for rolling out your internal branding

Time for a brand identity update? Here’s a handy checklist to a successful internal branding rollout and win your team over to your new brand identity[...]

Office 365 Productivity: How Microsoft’s cloud is changing your game

In today’s world of mobile working, the tagline of enterprise cloud solutions seems to revolve around three pivotal factors – business transformation,[...]

Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: Battle of the workplace chat apps

When IBM launched its first PC back in 1981, Apple ran a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal to welcome its new competitor on the market with a he[...]

Office 365 features list: 11 smart Office 365 add-ins to increase productivity in the workplace

UPDATE: Information in this article was updated on 28th of November, 2017 Office 365 comes with an intriguing set of handy tools and features to help [...]

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