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Join us for Templafy's three day student internship where you can get real life experience of how it is to work as a part of a development team in a software startup. And for the right people, there may be a job offer by the end of the three days.


In the three days you will:

Create a website with React, Typescript, webpack and .NET:

Create a modern Single Page Application from scratch with the newest technologies. In Templafy we have recently rewritten all of our web project from Knockout.js to react, Typescript and Webpack. These technologies in combination with .NET make a powerful environment and we've presented our experiences of creating this environment on mulitple occasions to the rest of the danish developer community (the latest presentation being at Microsoft HQ).

Project management and collaboration:

Being a developer in a modern software company includes much more than just being good at writing code. Today developers are just as much part of managing the project and making sure that knowledge is shared across the company. During the three days you will learn how to be part of a scrum team with daily standups, retrospectives and sprint reviews.
You will also experience the benefits of pair programming and how it helps with sharing codebase knowledge.

Publish, share and manage your code:

Today a good development environment is just as important as the code that is written. This includes proper version control with Git, as well as proper tooling for code reviews and building the code.
Microsoft recently launched their version of a full blown development environment called VSTS and in Templafy we are utilising this to the fullest extent possible.

Maybe get a job?

With the all this experience in hand, we believe that you will be much more prepared for a future job in a modern software company. And who knows – maybe the internship will end with a job offer at Templafy for the right person.


🍕 Food:
Templafy will provide everything needed in for the three days internship including food, candy and beer.

💻 What should I bring?
Bring a Windows laptop (preferably with Visual Studio preinstalled). Templafy will provide everything else. 
Don't have a Windows? Download a virtual machine with Windows installed from here: https://developer.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/downloads/virtual-machines

📝 How:
Sign up by filling out this form: https://goo.gl/forms/3U0pv0YDSt5jQzgA3

🏡 Where:
Templafy's main office at Strøget in København

Østergade 36, 3. sal
1100 København K

⏰ When:
From: Monday 16. October
To: Wednesday 18. October
All days 9:30 - 16


Every day employees produce thousands of business documents, presentations and emails. But they don’t always use the latest company standards. This is what we call document anarchy.

Templafy solves document anarchy: it empowers organizations to maintain centralized governance and maximum productivity across all business documents, presentations and emails.

Templafy integrates across Microsoft Office applications and Office 365 to bring custom company document templates, brand assets and best practice content directly to where employees need them to streamline the creation of every business document and email. It’s a solution Branding and Compliance teams can control, that IT can trust and that employees love using day-to-day.

Scalable for multi-national, multi-language and multi-brand organizations, Templafy is the perfect solution for enterprise sized companies migrating to the cloud or rolling out brand updates.

People and technology are the core of Templafy, the drivers of our success so far, and it’s what we’ll continue to foster. Our headquarter office in Copenhagen is full of lovely, brilliant beings and we’re backed by leading investors, Sunstone Capital and SEED Capital. Our management team is recruited from the very top of their class and have created a supportive and dynamic environment where younger and less experienced employees can learn quickly from experts.

Our staff are all very different people and love each other for it. Our environment is spacious with lots of social events and dinners, sharing Fridays with personal presentations and initiatives, bars and more.

See you there!

NB: The mini internship will be held with 5 - 13 participants. In case of too many participants, Templafy will pick the participants


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