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Making the logo land: 3 companies in 2017 that got their rebranding process right

The swoosh, the bitten apple, the bluebird; these world famous logos are iconic, recognisable and meaningful in the eyes of billions. However, it took[...]

How many emails are sent every day? And other top email statistics your business needs to know

Now that social media and instant messaging platforms are an entrenched part of everyday life, it’s easy to think the world of digital communications [...]

Work-life balance is achievable with these tools

If you're reading this, thank you for taking the time out of your busy day to do so! These simple tips should steer you towards a harmonius work and p[...]

Video: Introduction to Templafy and Microsoft Office and Office 365

You may be asking yourself:

Templafy's 3 Day Student Internship

Join us for Templafy's three day student internship where you can get real life experience of how it is to work as a part of a development team in a s[...]

Templafy now available in Microsoft Office App Store

Exciting news! Templafy is now available in the Microsoft Office App Store. 

Microsoft Office Online: why you should start using it

Microsoft Office Online's web apps were introduced as so-called “lightweight versions” of Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, allowing users to work [...]

TechRadar Pro names Templafy among the best Document Management Systems

TechRadar Pro has named Templafy in its list of Top 5 Best Document Management Systems, saying "Templafy is one of the best document management tools [...]

Old company logos haunting your brand?

From McDonald's golden arches and Nike’s swoosh to Twitter’s now famous bluebird, these iconic images demonstrate the power a famous logo has to cut t[...]

We're hiring: Business Development Representatives - Full Time

Who are we looking for? We have a huge market potential and an award-winning product and right now we’re building a fantastic sales team to help us ac[...]

Enterprise email signature management

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