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How SDC Secures Brand Identity With Templafy

Customer success and helping make everyone’s work day easier is our goal at Templafy. Highlighting examples of that is obviously something we’re only [...]

Three Reasons Why Dynamic Templates Are Good For Your Organization

Optimized workflows, better-looking and more effective presentations, more professional outcomes – what’s not to love about dynamic templates? And des[...]

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Stay On-brand When Working With PowerPoint

Controlling brand identity as it relates to advertising and marketing activities – while time-consuming and at times frustrating – is at least achieva[...]

Office 365 Migration: Top 5 Roadblocks That Prevent Success

Providing an impressive array of enterprise level functionality, Office 365 makes it easy for organizations to create, communicate, and share informat[...]

Office 365 subscription plans: Find the best price for your business

With the introduction of Office 365, Microsoft acknowledges that not all users have the same needs when it comes to creating, reviewing, and editing d[...]

How To Develop Your Marketing Skills To Handle New Technologies

Technology is transforming how marketers operate and how they connect with their audience. With the proliferation of new products and opportunities, i[...]

5 Secrets To Building PowerPoint Templates Your Colleagues Will Love

You probably know the situation very well; despite strict branding rules and maybe even best practice guidelines, your colleagues continue to use outd[...]

What is office 365 for business all about? Get the overview >>

Office 365 is getting a lot of attention within enterprises and Microsoft is really pushing to make it a success. In this article we focus on what Off[...]

2016 Predictions: How Will Tech Shape The Way We Work

Saying that technology will continue to evolve how we work, when we work and where we work is no revelatory assertion in 2016. We can see all around u[...]

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