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Product Update – Exciting Integrations, Easier Onboarding, And More.

A lot goes on behind the scenes here at Templafy. Our tech team tinker away daily to develop new features, fix bugs, and make sure we’re delivering th[...]

What is Microsoft Continuum and how does it help you work smarter?

Between us, have you ever wished you could leave your bulky laptop at home while on the run to your next business meeting, and just use the smartphone[...]

Deploy Custom Templates Quicker, With Better Results

Enterprises have benefited from a lot of exciting tech innovation in recent years, but the way custom templates for MS Office are deployed in global o[...]

Your Office 365 Implementation Checklist - How to plan the switch

  Congratulations – you've done your research and have decided moving your company’s on-premises content to the cloud is the right solution. So what's[...]

Digital Asset Management Systems: Top 5 tips How To Make It Work

What is Azure? Microsoft Cloud Service explained

  Launched in 2010, Microsoft Azure is one of the biggest commercial cloud infrastructures to date, recording growth in the triple digits. Powered by [...]

Brand Identity Updates: Don't Be Blind To Office Applications

One of the biggest communication problems I encounter when working with companies undergoing a visual identity update is between company brand manager[...]

How to Provide the Right Corporate Templates in a BYOD Policy

Let’s talk productivity in the workplace… and figures. Since its rollout in 2014, the number of Office 365 monthly active users has skyrocketed to an [...]

Office 365 Migration: How To Prepare Your Templates For The Cloud

Enterprises are becoming more and more progressive in their adoption of cloud and mobile technologies as they become more aware of the time and cost s[...]

4 Proven Tips For Creating Office Templates that Really Work

Your brand is your business promise to your clients. If you want to show your product or service in a professional light, a uniform physical look for [...]

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