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In the middle of a rebranding process? 3 rebrand tips for a smooth transition


How a template management system can improve workflows and compliance

Half a century ago, mountains of paperwork used to be one of the tell-tale hallmarks of a busy, productive office churning through piles of work. By c[...]

Office 365 features list: 11 smart Office 365 add-ins to increase productivity in the workplace

UPDATE: Information in this article was updated on 28th of November, 2017 Office 365 comes with an intriguing set of handy tools and features to help [...]

Your rebranding checklist – how to plan for brand identity updates

So you’ve decided that it’s time for a rebrand. Congratulations! Refreshing your brand is a highly effective way to connect with new audiences, inspir[...]

Microsoft Delve & Graph: Personalized Search & Discovery in Office 365

    Whether it is in our personal life with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, you name it, or at work with a variety of social feeds, intranet porta[...]

Are you a digital have, or a digital have-more?

It’s clear that in a digitalized age, simply having digitized processes isn’t enough. Analogue workplaces have now become a thing of the past - only s[...]

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Positive work cultures work harder

Organizational psychologists have long been touting the benefits of fostering positive workplaces, but some companies still uphold cut-throat, high-pr[...]

Microsoft’s New World of Work: How Office 365 shapes the future of workstyles in a world of mobile

Office 365 is not just about getting things done faster. It is about reinventing how you get them done.

Two big reasons to prioritize internal branding strategy

The word ‘marketing’ usually brings external branding to mind – reaching out to your target market and creating an awareness of your brand in order to[...]

Corporate data security with Office 365 Security and Compliance toolbox

"One of the most pressing issues of our times, of our industry, is cybersecurity. Customers aren't going to use technology if they aren't going to tru[...]

Enterprise email signature management

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