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Connect to Office 365: 6 reasons why you will love Windows PowerShell

Windows PowerShell is what you get when you beef up C:\ prompt. Developed for purposes of task automation and configuration management, Microsoft has [...]

DLP in Office 365: Secure your company’s confidential email data

Microsoft’s mobile app family just got bigger: Say hello to SharePoint for iOS and Microsoft Flow

When Microsoft released Office for iOS in 2014, it constituted a fundamental shift in corporate strategy. Before, Office apps for iPhone, iPad and eve[...]

Traditional data backup or cloud-based disaster recovery (cloud DR)?

It might be your worst nightmare. A server overheats and starts a fire that wipes out your computer room before the sprinkler system kicks in, leaving[...]

Software versions are so last year – welcome to the world of continuous updates

So long Patch Tuesday. Microsoft has shifted course in Windows 10, introducing a whole new update model. Unlike in previous versions of Windows, all s[...]

Template management: Overkill or a real time saver?

Does template management sound like overkill to you? Why bother defining a process for something that at bottom is merely a matter of uploading new ve[...]

What is Microsoft Continuum and how does it help you work smarter?

Between us, have you ever wished you could leave your bulky laptop at home while on the run to your next business meeting, and just use the smartphone[...]

Deploy Custom Templates Quicker, With Better Results

Enterprises have benefited from a lot of exciting tech innovation in recent years, but the way custom templates for MS Office are deployed in global o[...]

How to Provide the Right Corporate Templates in a BYOD Policy

Let’s talk productivity in the workplace… and figures. Since its rollout in 2014, the number of Office 365 monthly active users has skyrocketed to an [...]

Office 365 Migration: How To Prepare Your Templates For The Cloud

Enterprises are becoming more and more progressive in their adoption of cloud and mobile technologies as they become more aware of the time and cost s[...]

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