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Shadow IT in a nutshell: Minimize security risks for your company

Do you know what lives in the shadows of your company IT network? Installed by employees on their own initiative, Shadow IT is the notorious, murky wo[...]

Google’s G Suite vs. Microsoft’s Office 365: A comparison cheat sheet

The cloud productivity battle heats up. In 2007, Google launched its business productivity suite under the Google Apps Premier Edition brand. Later re[...]

Microsoft StaffHub: the go-to shift scheduling app for deskless workers

Microsoft Office 365 has just gotten bigger.

5 reasons why your business should be migrating to Office 365 now

Microsoft Office 365 is generating quite some buzz from both large enterprises and small businesses these days. Recent trends have seen organizations [...]

9 great Outlook add-ins to increase productivity in Office 365

Read our refreshed and extended version of this article here. Outlook is a front-runner in the add-on department. If you can't do something in Outlook[...]

Office 365 Productivity: How Microsoft’s cloud is changing your game

In today’s world of mobile working, the tagline of enterprise cloud solutions seems to revolve around three pivotal factors – business transformation,[...]

Microsoft Teams vs. Slack: Battle of the workplace chat apps

When IBM launched its first PC back in 1981, Apple ran a full-page ad in the Wall Street Journal to welcome its new competitor on the market with a he[...]

Two-factor authentication: Why you should protect against cyber attacks

Remember when in 2012 a Russian cyberpunk stole 176 million encrypted login credentials from LinkedIn hashed using the woefully weak SH1 function and [...]

Linking people, events and content: Team up with Office 365 Groups to get work done faster

It’s just another ordinary day at the office. Multiple conversations and discussions taking place at one and the same time, countless meetings and app[...]

Taking the fast lane to Office 365: Set yourself up for success with Microsoft FastTrack

Success with Office 365 is more than pushing out the technology and making it available to your team in the hopes that they will acquire a taste and s[...]

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