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Brand Consistency Builds Brand Integrity

Post originally published on the Microsoft Partner Apps Blog. 

5 Key Sales Presentation Hacks in PowerPoint

Here are five key hacks to creating the ultimate sales presentations with PowerPoint:

Template management system features to help you avoid document anarchy


Email Signature Management Software: Why it matters for your business

One of the most underrated communication tools in today’s business world is probably the humble email signature - that block of text and imagery which[...]

True email signature solutions for enterprise scale organizations

When you think about it, the amount of emails we send everyday is impressive.

Planning a rebrand? Two key strategies to secure team buy-in


3 Key Ways to Build Strong Brand Culture in Your Company

  Huge marketing budgets are routinely dedicated to building a brand which resonates with customers, but the most cutting-edge companies also invest i[...]

Key strategies for rolling out your internal branding

Time for a brand identity update? Here’s a handy checklist to a successful internal branding rollout and win your team over to your new brand identity[...]

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Six key features of an outstanding presentation deck

Want to create an outstanding presentation deck that will hook your audience and keep them engaged? Here are six best practices to help you deliver a [...]

7 tips to make your presentation slides pop

Presentations are an ubiquitous part of corporate life, and too often a common source of corporate misery as well – we’ve definitely all sat through a[...]

Enterprise email signature management

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