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Microsoft Office 365 is not only about getting things done faster. It is about how you get them done.

Once you look beyond the obvious features of word processing etc., you'll discover that Microsoft’s productivity suite comes with an intriguing set of very useful tools and features to help you work smarter and more efficiently in the cloud.

While you certainly know most of the ins and outs and have all keyboard shortcuts down pat, there still might be some hidden gems that can help you get the most of your Office 365 experience.

To give you a leg up, we have bundled up these 9 little-known Office 365 tricks and tips that will spark your creativity when you’re in a rut and max your enterprise productivity in the cloud.

1) Teach your inbox to declutter itself

If you like to keep your inbox clean and neat,
Clutter is for you. Keeping track of the emails you read and those that you don’t, Clutter is a simple Office 365 productivity feature for your Microsoft Outlook inbox that filters low-priority conversations, spam, and unwanted messages to save time for the important ones. As less urgent emails arrive, the feature automatically pushes them onto the clutter folder, leaving it up to you whether to delete them or read them later.

Clutter applies all rules you have assigned for your Microsoft Outlook inbox and learns from your actions to determine the emails you are most likely to ignore. The more you train Clutter, the smarter it will become.

2) Give reply-all conversations the cold shoulder

Amidst a busy workday, reply-all conversations can easily become a noisy and time-consuming thing. To combat this worry, you can use
Office 365’s productivity feature Ignore. Similar to Google’s Mute button, Ignore automatically moves messages you no longer want to be a part of out of your Outlook inbox into the trash.

To activate the feature, just open the respective message stream, click ‘Home’, and choose ‘Ignore’ in the Delete group. Changed your mind? Simply click the ‘Stop ignoring’ button to opt in and join the conversation again.

3) Spiff up your to-do lists

To-do lists are super effective, but only when you manage them well. OneNote is the whizziest Microsoft productivity application you’re probably not using. If you’ve steered clear of the digital note-taking service because, well, you thought the last thing you needed was another app to handle, it may be time to think again.

Akin to a digital notebook, Microsoft OneNote makes it easy to prioritize to-do lists and integrate them with your work so you can stay focused and carry out your tasks faster. On the surface, it may look like a simple word processor, however with handwriting recognition, multimedia embedding and a great many other features, OneNote is far more than a simple app for jotting down notes. Go give it a try.

4) Au Revoir bulky email attachments

Email attachments are so yesterday. Want to share a document, presentation, note or spreadsheet? Just save your file to Office 365 and send out an email via Microsoft Outlook with a link to the file in the cloud. By default, Outlook will grant permission to the person you want share the link with. As always, you can adjust settings and change access rights anytime you want (collaborators can either ‘view link’ or ‘edit link’).

5) Work your PowerPoint magic

Make your presentations pop with
PowerPoint Designer, a nifty Office 365 productivity feature that automatically presents several choices of how to best show off an image you drop into your presentation. Use the capability to zip through and create polished presentations in a short time with less fussing and hubbub.

Another great tool to inject live into your business presentations is PowerPoint Morph. It allows you to create seamless animations between slides. Just duplicate a slide, move icons around on the second slide and play the slideshow. Quite similar to a .gif, icons will move around automatically without any programming skills needed. PowerPoint Morph can even animate 3-D shapes.

6) Get the knack of Office 365 with Tell Me

Tell Me
is probably one of the most useful features for employees who are new to Office 365 and want to explore the suite of productivity tools that come with it. Tell Me is a search feature in Word Online, Excel Online, and PowerPoint Online, alleviating users from searching all over the web for ‘how-tos’ and where to find things in Office 365.

Conveniently located in the middle of the application ribbon, Tell Me doesn’t highlight and direct users where to go like other ‘help’ search boxes. Instead, it reveals clickable action items directly in the search results.

7) Smarten up your Microsoft Word documents

When you are working on a
Word document and need to do some research on the web, you don’t have to fire up a browser to look something up. Simply right-click a word or phrase and choose Smart Lookup. Powered by Bing, a search window will pop up directly inside your Word document – just enter your query here to start your web search.

8) Turn your whiteboard meeting doodles into text memos

Office Lens app for iOS and Android you can turn your phone’s camera into a handy scanner on the go. The tool is freely available and allows you to take a snapshot of a whiteboard note or document and automatically puts it into Microsoft OneNote for optimized readability.

9) Collaborate on Word documents in real time

In case you haven’t heard of this new feature that comes with
Office 2016 (well, it’s actually been around since 2013 when Microsoft introduced real-time collaboration in Office Online), you definitely should look into it.

Just as with Google docs, real-time co-authoring in Word allows you to collaborate with your team online and work on documents together. Thanks to an integrated sidebar, you can save files to OneDrive or SharePoint directly from within Word to instantly share them with others and track changes in real-time without having to go back and forth between applications.

Give your business documents the Templafy wow factor

Recently awarded the best
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