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Press Release (Danish): Danske Templafy rejser trecifret millioninvestering fra amerikansk megafond

København – 13 februar 2018 – i dag annoncerer danske Templafy, at de har gennemført en serie B-investeringsrunde på 100 millioner kroner. De nye inve[...]

Press Release: Danish template management software firm receives US$17.2 million investment


What Templafy's new funding means for our customers, product and team

2018 is off to a very exciting start here at Templafy! We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve closed our Series B funding round of US$17.2 million led [...]

Designing For Success: 4 Elements of Corporate Identity

What is corporate identity? Answers from 3 leading brands.

Questions to ask when assessing a good enterprise document management system

A nationwide medical care operator loses nearly a million documents related to patients’ medical records, after an error of sending them to storage ra[...]

Enterprise Content Management tools - ECM series article # 3

If the majority of your day is spent organizing records, then it is time to implement enterprise content management tools. The less time you waste org[...]

Enterprise content management (ECM) strategy - ECM series article #2

Your company probably already uses a range of ECM tools and techniques, but do you have an optimized enterprise content management (ECM) strategy? The[...]

What is Enterprise Content Management? - ECM series article #1

Welcome to Part One of our Enterprise Content Management (ECM) series. We know that there’s a lot of jargon out there with enterprise software so we t[...]

Comment gagner du temps en créant le Rapport de Certification des comptes - tout en respectant ses n...

La certification des comptes annuels d’une société est effectuée par un commissaire aux comptes. Cette mission d’audit externe consiste pour ce profes[...]

Enterprise email signature management

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