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Articles on Life in the cloud

Microsoft Delve & Graph: Personalized Search & Discovery in Office 365

    Whether it is in our personal life with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email, you name it, or at work with a variety of social feeds, intranet porta[...]

Two-factor authentication: Why you should protect against cyber attacks

Remember when in 2012 a Russian cyberpunk stole 176 million encrypted login credentials from LinkedIn hashed using the woefully weak SH1 function and [...]

Microsoft’s New World of Work: How Office 365 shapes the future of workstyles in a world of mobile

Office 365 is not just about getting things done faster. It is about reinventing how you get them done.

Linking people, events and content: Team up with Office 365 Groups to get work done faster

It’s just another ordinary day at the office. Multiple conversations and discussions taking place at one and the same time, countless meetings and app[...]

11 SaaS tools a Marketing Manager can’t live without

SaaS (Software as a Service) is an exploding category, so with all the great marketing tools on the market, it can be difficult deciding on the right [...]

Traditional data backup or cloud-based disaster recovery (cloud DR)?

It might be your worst nightmare. A server overheats and starts a fire that wipes out your computer room before the sprinkler system kicks in, leaving[...]

Software versions are so last year – welcome to the world of continuous updates

So long Patch Tuesday. Microsoft has shifted course in Windows 10, introducing a whole new update model. Unlike in previous versions of Windows, all s[...]

Your Office 365 Implementation Checklist - How to plan the switch

  Congratulations – you've done your research and have decided moving your company’s on-premises content to the cloud is the right solution. So what's[...]

What is Azure? Microsoft Cloud Service explained

  Launched in 2010, Microsoft Azure is one of the biggest commercial cloud infrastructures to date, recording growth in the triple digits. Powered by [...]

Office 365 Migration: How To Prepare Your Templates For The Cloud

Enterprises are becoming more and more progressive in their adoption of cloud and mobile technologies as they become more aware of the time and cost s[...]

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