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Henrik Printzlau

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Your Office 365 Implementation Checklist - How to plan the switch

  Congratulations – you've done your research and have decided moving your company’s on-premises content to the cloud is the right solution. So what's[...]

How to Provide the Right Corporate Templates in a BYOD Policy

Let’s talk productivity in the workplace… and figures. Since its rollout in 2014, the number of Office 365 monthly active users has skyrocketed to an [...]

Office 365 Migration: How To Prepare Your Templates For The Cloud

Enterprises are becoming more and more progressive in their adoption of cloud and mobile technologies as they become more aware of the time and cost s[...]

Three Reasons Why Dynamic Templates Are Good For Your Organization

Optimized workflows, better-looking and more effective presentations, more professional outcomes – what’s not to love about dynamic templates? And des[...]

Office 365 Migration: Top 5 Roadblocks That Prevent Success

Providing an impressive array of enterprise level functionality, Office 365 makes it easy for organizations to create, communicate, and share informat[...]

Office 365 subscription plans: Find the best price for your business

With the introduction of Office 365, Microsoft acknowledges that not all users have the same needs when it comes to creating, reviewing, and editing d[...]

What is office 365 for business all about? Get the overview >>

Office 365 is getting a lot of attention within enterprises and Microsoft is really pushing to make it a success. In this article we focus on what Off[...]

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